Opportunity Jesus Chapter 5: Make Time

Brian Sullivan   -  

I can’t make this stuff up. I just sat down at Starbucks to write this blog and a man made a passing political comment that was a bit offensive thinking I would go along with it. I responded in a more neutral way. He then said something about his business to the man next to us who responded “with your political posture, I don’t think we could do business together.” 

With one simple word, the direction of the entire conversation changed. My response softened the one man (with the political comment who apologized) which opened up the 3rd man to be more engaging (he trusted me a bit as I didn’t go against his views). It resulted in a helpful conversation on respecting others views and a fun conversation about vintage cars (the man’s business). 

Now, that is a simple, cordial conversation at a coffee shop. But what we see Jesus do over and over again is to take simple opportunities to lovingly engage and point people to truths that meet their needs (namely Him!). 

Coming out of our Love Jupiter series, chapter 5 of “Opportunity Jesus” reveals a beautiful pattern to practically Love Jupiter through everyday OPPORTUNITIES. Through His interaction with Nicodemus in John 3, we see these truths about Jesus that we can begin to emulate: 

  1. Jesus is trustworthy: we have opportunities each day to how we respond to others to show people we can be trusted with their struggles. Also, we don’t have to be afraid to point them to Jesus because he will prove to be trustworthy. 
  2. Jesus makes time for one on one: while it may not always be convenient (like when you’re trying to get some work done!), but how can we seek to be more about people and less about “good timing”. It may be a phone call, in a parking lot, or at an event, how can we make time? (Hint, try and do less) 
  3. Jesus finds the need: All people are going through something – Jesus ask good questions and identifies the REAL needs of people. 
  4. Jesus explains truths in a way they can understand – He uses wind (everyone has felt wind!). He uses darkness (it was night!). He uses Nicodemus background (Jewish Scriptures). All to explain the need Nicodemus had (to be born again) and how Jesus delivers this new life. 

Pray for OPPORTUNITIES, awareness and boldness to build trust, make time, find needs, and point people to the good news of Jesus who brings new life!