Opportunity Jesus Chapter 8: HEALING

Brian Sullivan   -  

This week we are reading Chapter 8 of Opportunity Jesus. We will see the extent of Jesus love for people, the extent he will go to share that love and His power to heal.

Jesus goes to his hometown knowing full well that most there will not only reject him (John 4:44), but they will turn against him (Luke 4:29).

But the Scriptures reveal that is who Jesus came for–those who had rejected and turned away from God. We see that Jesus not only has the boldness to go towards those who reject and want to kill Him, “he has the power to save, no matter the distance or the obstacles. His word has power to work; we are simply just supposed to believe it.” (p. 55). 

Jesus came on a mission to heal and change lives and he is driven by unconditional love. The good news is that he has the heart and power to heal and “bring good will to the ill-willed.”

As you work through the chapter this week, think and pray about:

*God’s love and pursuit of you, even when you were indifferent or against Him.

*God’s power to bring healing and restoration in your relationship with Him, yourself and others

*Who God has placed around you that you can pursue and love with the same love he pursued you with…even if you might be rejected.