Growing in Clarity

Brian Sullivan   -  

In Acts 18 we saw God’s POWER at work in and through Apollos to point more people to Jesus (28) and help them grow (27). 

While he was gifted, he still was humble and knew he needed to grow in understanding of God and His ways (26). Like Apollos, we all need INSTRUCTION to grow in clarity. 

We saw 3 area’s that we can all grow in clarity:

Clarity of who YOU are: v. 24-25 reveal that Apollos was a Jew (religious background), a native of Alexandria (Intellectual culture), he was Eloquent (good communicator), and he was fervent in Spirit (passionate). 

It is important that we know who WE are – how God created us and who he created us to be – our personalities, our backgrounds, our passions, our gifts, etc.

Clarity with GOD’S Word: Apollos was competent in the Scriptures, had been instructed in the way of Lord, taught accurately the things concerning Jesus. 

Who we are is ultimately shaped by who God is and what he says. We like to say we need to connect our story to His story. That true life, the good life, comes through following and living in light of God and his promises. 

Clarity on Calling: With Apollos being a Jew who was an eloquent speaker that had been changed by Jesus, it should be of no surprise that he “began to speak boldly in the synagogue.” (26) 

Now, not all of us have a Jewish background. Not all of us are great communicators. Not all of us feel comfortable teaching God’s word to the masses. And Praise God for that. God wants to use WHO YOU are – your passions, desires, gifts; WHERE YOU are – at the playground, in the school, on the dock, at the beach, over coffee, in the office; to point more people to WHO HE is and the good news of Jesus. 

*Take some time to think about who God made you.

*Take some time to make a plan on how you can grow in clarity of God’s word.

*Take some time to think about the places God has placed you and how you might point people to Jesus and help THEM grow in His grace.