Hurricane Dorian – Updates

Brian Sullivan   -  

Wanted to send a quick message that we are following the development of Dorian as it moves toward Florida. We will communicate updates regarding the church with you via email, social media and text messages.

A few things to note:

  1. We will monitor if we will have a service on Sunday and will make a final decision as soon as possible. If it is unsafe, people are working to get their homes ready, officials recommend not going out, etc. we will cancel. We are NOT going to have the community dinner on Sunday night.
  2. If you, or anyone you know (family, neighbors etc.) need help in preparing, let us know. We have people who would love to come help in anyway we can. Same with after the storm comes.
  3. Be praying for those who this will impact – Island countries, first responders, neighbors, elderly, kids, etc. Be praying for workers at Home Depot, Walmart, Gas Stations etc. as they are already starting to be overrun with people looking to prepare.

Please, let us know any ways we can serve you, pray for you or help you in any way.