Your Only True Treasure (GENEROSITY Devotional – #1)

Brian Sullivan   -  

Read – “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Apply – Jesus here tells us the most important lesson about money. Our heart, our desire and hope, is tied closely to our treasure. Our money and our heart go together. We all know that of course, to some extent. But when Jesus calls our attention to this part of our character, he confronts us. 

He alerts us to the powerful tug that material wealth possess, an allure that makes us do and act and believe contrary to our Christian confession. We say that we live for heaven. Our pocketbook shows us what we really live for. He calls us to examine where we place our money and our heart: earthy pleasures that fade away or eternal kingdom investments that last forever. 

  1. Where is most of your treasure? Is that where your heart is? 
  1. When you give, does that frighten you or excite you? Why? 

Pray – For a renewed heart that tells treasure what to do, not more treasure that tells your heart what to do. 

Do – Look at your bank statement and your credit card statements. Specifically, where does most of your money go? Are those your priorities? 


*Taken from “Generosity: How God’s Radical Grace Changes Our Perspective on Money and Possessions” (A 20-day devotional by Andrew Field & Redeemer Presbyterian Church)