Preparing for Sunday: Advent (12/1/19 Passage and Songs)

Brian Sullivan   -  

Unwrapping Christmas: A Season of Anticipation

In the midst of busyness, commercialization and celebrations we can miss the value and gift of what Christmas is about. The word “Advent” is from the Latin word Adventus which means “arrival” or “the anticipation of something.” It was used in Roman culture for the celebration of the returning home of a victorious king. 

We invite you to hit pause on the busyness of the holiday season to join us in “Unwrapping Christmas”. Like the excitement and anticipation of opening a present, we will unwrap and explore what the “arrival” of King Jesus means and accomplished for us. 

“Unwrapping Christmas” will be a time to reflect on and celebrate the coming of the triumphant King – join us!

Passage: John 1:1-18



Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel 

God With Us

Made Alive