Life Disrupted (Daily Encouragement Series)

Brian Sullivan   -  

Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life…” – Matthew 6:25

I often think that Jesus command to “not be anxious” is one of the most offensive commands in our culture. Worry and anxiety are one of the most widespread and debilitating ailments in our culture. And that was PRIOR to a worldwide pandemic. 

Anxiousness can be defined as “an internal disturbance at the emotional and psychological level that disrupts life.” It is a word which indicates something which divides, separates or distracts us – a mind divided into sections. It is used of Martha who was worried and distracted by many things. In the parable of the sower it says the good seed was choked out by the “cares” or “worries” of the world. 

The question is not ARE we anxious, but WHAT are we anxious about? 

Just prior to this command, Jesus gives three illustrations that cause anxiousness, that divide our mind. We “treasure” the accumulation of things as a focus of joy (19-21). We view life through an unhealthy lens of what we can gain (22-23). We serve, trust and worship the wrong “master” – money (24). Psalm 104 sums it up by saying “in all their thoughts, there is no room for God.”

The cure: focus on the Lord. A single, not divided, devotion to and trust in God. 

God is sovereign (He is great) – Look at your life (v/25) – it is a gift. God gave it to you, will he now not see to it that it is sustained and continued? Don’t worry. 

God provides (He is good) – look at the birds (v/26) –  YOUR heavenly Father feeds them. Your life is in the hands of our Father in Heaven. What can worry do? It doesn’t add life, only takes it (v/27). Trust him. 

God is generous (He is gracious) – look at the lilies (28-32) – they don’t do anything yet grow and are beautiful. God graciously will give us all we need. Have faith in Him.

God is worthy (He is glorious) – seek FIRST the Kingdom of God (33) – put your priorities in order. Don’t be divided. Worry can never be cured by getting more of what we already have. Seek Him.

Seeking and trusting in the temporal will only bring anxiousness and worry, seeking and trusting in God will bring rest. 

Trust and seek Him as your treasure. 

Trust and seek Him as your light. 

Trust and seek Him as your master.