Perspective – Preparing for Sunday (10/25/20)

Brian Sullivan   -  

In Psalm 127 we get a somewhat surprising response to the prayer for restoration we see in Psalm 126: REST. Psalm 127 looks at the primary calls of what we are to be about – work & family. It makes sense that these are the two avenues of restoration because they are the two primary avenues we have to love people. 

While most people view work and family as the “daily grind”, when we have the right perspective, they become a gift and reward. The perspective we see in Psalm 127 is one of trusting in God who promises build, gives rest and blesses his people. 

This psalm is talking about the daily grind, or life lived “in vain” as it puts it, at work (vv. 1–2) and in family (vv. 3–5). The goal of the psalm is to show us how to see both family and work from God’s perspective so that the daily grind is beaten. – Josh Moody

Join us Sunday (9:00am) as we look at how to “beat the daily grind” through having the right perspective on these two vital areas of life. 


In Person: Jupiter Christian School – EAST Campus (125 S. Pennock Ln, Jupiter FL)

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