Psalm 127 Study (Daily Encouragement)

Brian Sullivan   -  

Psalm 127 Study (PDF)

Read: Psalm 127

Overview:  This psalm is talking about the daily grind, or life lived “in vain” as it puts it, at work (vv. 1–2) and in family (vv. 3–5). The goal of the psalm is to show us how to see both family and work from God’s perspective so that the daily grind is beaten.

Seeing life as it were through the eyes of God, that is, with his perspective, is the way not to live in vain.

The stuff of life, the daily grind. How do you beat it? You beat it by adopting the perspective of the psalm


1. In what ways are you currently experiencing life as a “daily grind” (anxious toil, vain)? In what ways are you experiencing the blessings of God in life (v/2, 6)? 


2. Discuss anything from Psalm 127 or the sermon that caught your attention, encourages, challenges or confuses you.


3. From God’s perspective the daily grind has purpose & value. What do we learn about “building” as

Workers (v/1) – called & created to work

Protectors (v/1) – seek flourishing of all in the community 

Family (v/3-5) – children as your reward, heritage, protection


4. While the majority of people value work, community flourishing and family, the gospel message changes the perspective/motivation with which we see them. Discuss the implications of working from acceptance through Jesus (beloved) vs. for acceptance; a posture of dependence vs. independence. 


5. God graciously gives “practices” that help us “work out of a position of rest” – he gives to his beloved sleep (v/2). What are practical steps you can take to cultivate habits of rest: sleep, sabbath, solitude?



*Each Monday, we are posting the study that coincides with the Psalm for the week. This is a way to “be encouraged” directly from studying and applying God’s word for yourself. We utilize these studies for the discussion at our community groups which you are always welcome to join.