Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups

One of the primary calls of the church is to be a community, to be in relationships with one another that are centered around Jesus and His word. The Covid Pandemic has affected ALL relationships we have including our church family and community groups.

With the move to phase 2 in Palm Beach County, we are looking forward to resuming our community groups.

We will have 2 groups this fall session (9/30-11/1)

Jupiter – Tuesday Evenings (6:00pm – 7:30pm)

Stuart – Thursday Evenings (6:00-7:30pm)

We will have a study each week that coincides with the text we preached (link below). Though it will be helpful to have listened to the message, it is not necessary to participate in the discussion. We also encourage to utilize and go through the study prior to the group, but again, not necessary to be a part of the discussion if you do not.

Psalms of Ascent_Psalm 128_CG Study

Email [email protected] for specifics on the group and to get connected.


Vision for Community Groups

Community Groups are groups of diverse, imperfect people who gather throughout the community to flesh out the implications of the gospel in everyday life.

Our vision for community groups is that we would point one another to Jesus so that we may Know God, Find Freedom, Experience Belonging and Live Generously.

KNOW GOD: groups will gather around God’s word as we seek to live in light of God’s promises.

FIND FREEDOM: groups will help one another connect their story to God’s story and live in the freedom of the gospel.

EXPERIENCE BELONGING: groups will be a space to know and be known as well as a space to care for and encourage one another.

LIVE GENEROUSLY: groups will have an outward focus as we seek to love Jupiter and practically point this community to Jesus.

Email [email protected] to get connected in community.

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