Genesis 17.1-27_I Will Be God To You
Brian Sullivan   -  

Sermon Passage: Genesis 17:1-27

Community Group Questions:

  1. What from the text or sermon was new, helped or confused you?
  2. The promises of God “I will” and the call of God “as for you” (v/9) are based on who God is “I am God almighty” (v/1). Talk about the reality, beauty and goodness of who God is and his promises.
  3. Kent Hughes said: “Everything—all your life, all your future—lies in this: I am God Almighty!” …Christians, it is the same for us. The way we live is determined by what we think of God. If our God is El-Shaddai, the awesome, mighty God of this account, then our lives will live out the fullness of God’s promises to us.” How does who God is and what he promises shape how we live? What is one area you need to believe his promises?
  4. Circumcision was a sign (v/11) that “symbolized the commitment of one’s life to God” and finds its New Testament counterpart in baptism (Colossians 2:11). What is your story of committing your life to God and baptism if you have taken that step?
  5. Romans chapter 4 & 5 explain that Abraham was justified by faith and not because of circumcision. 5:1-11 lay out implications because of this promise. Which implications bring comfort & encouragement to you today:Rom 5:1 – Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus ChristV/1 – Instead of estrangement, there is peace with God

    V/2 – In place of falling short of God’s glory through sin, there is the hope of glory

    V/3 – In lieu of suffering under judgment, there is joy in tribulation because of what God produces through it

    V/6-8 – Rather than fearful uncertainty, there is assurance of God’s love

    V/11 – Misery & sorrow is replaced with rejoicing in God