Genesis 16.1-16_The God That Searches
Brian Sullivan   -  

*Sermon starts at the 19:00 minute mark

Community Group Questions:

  1. What from the text or sermon was new, helped or confused you?
  2. In Scripture we see a pattern of faith that is Hear | Trust | Obey  and a pattern of sin that is  See | Desire | Take (see Genesis 3:6, 2 Samual 11:2-4; Genesis 16:2-3). What are the implications when we trust God vs. when we don’t? What areas do you have a tendency to “take matters into your own hands”?
  3. In verses 4-6 we see Hagar (pride); Sara (blame) and Abraham (avoidance) all in sin and dealing with it’s effects. In what ways do we see sin have both immediate and long term consequences?
  4. While the characters were content to live with implications of sin, God is not and intervenes. What do we learn about God in his response to Hagar (7-16) and her response to Him? How does this point us to Jesus?
  5. What is a takeway about God you can take from this passage?