Genesis 19.1-29_Intrusion of Grace
Brian Sullivan   -  

Passage: Genesis 19:1-29

Community Group Questions:

*What from the text or sermon was new, helped or confused you?

*Why is it important to understand chapter 19 as an “intrusion of grace” vs a simple teaching of retribution in which “good people prosper and evil people suffer”? 

*In Genesis (13:14, 18:20), in chapter 19, and the whole of Scriptures, we see the darkness of Sodom and Gomorrah. How does that bring understanding to God’s response? How should the darkness of the world (and in our lives) grieve us? 

*Throughout chapter 19 – we see an “intrusion of grace” – Grace of Protection (v/10-11) | Grace of Warning (v/12-13) | Grace of Deliverance  (v/15-16). Where have you experienced God’s grace in these ways? 

*We see Lot delivered through God’s mercy (v/16) and God’s promise to Abraham (v/29). How does this help us understand our deliverance from sin through Jesus? Talk about our response.