John 12:12-50_Behold Your King
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Passage: John 12:12-50

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John 12:12-50 – Behold Your King

Listen closely…Jesus is summing it up. It is the last public pronouncement of his ministry. In the following chapters we will have an extended private time of instruction and encouragement between Jesus and his disciples. He is shouting once more. He is proclaiming one last time his oneness with the Father, who sent him. It is the final proclamation of who he is. – Michael Card

v/12-19 – The Peaceable King  (who Jesus is) 

The point in saying that Jesus is lowly is that he is accessible. For all his respondent glory and dazzling holiness, his supreme uniqueness and otherness, no on in human history has ever been more approachable that Jesus Christ. No prerequisites. No hoops to jump through…The minimum bar to be enfolded into the embrace of Jesus is simply: open yourself up to him. It is all he needs. Indeed, it is all he works with. – Dane Ortland, Gentle & Lowly

v/20-36 – Glory Crucified (what Jesus did)

“Jesus reiterates that now is the time for judgment on the world. It is time for the world’s sin to be judged and found guilty. The penalty for the guilt will be poured out on Jesus. The result will be that the world will be drawn to him and the prince of the world will be driven out. -Michael Card 

That must be our prayer as we read this story and mull it over. Each of us belongs to part of ‘the world’. Our part has, most likely, only heard in a limited way of Jesus. It has probably not discovered that he was and is the true king, the true rescuer, the bringer of true freedom. As we watch his progression into Jerusalem, and on to meet his fate, we must watch ourselves be drawn into the action, and the passion, that awaits him. And we must ourselves become part of the means by which his message goes out to the world. – NT Wright

v/37-50 – The Judge who came to Save (call to respond)

Jesus is staring into the darkness, and the darkness is staring back. And everyone who reads this chapter must, sooner or later, make up their minds which side they’re on. – NT Wright