Psalms of Ascent_Psalm 127
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Sermon Passage: Psalm 127

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Psalm 127 – Work: from position of rest

This psalm is painting a picture of reality, and it is asking you to watch and behold life like that. Seeing life as it were through the eyes of God, that is, with his perspective, is the way not to live in vain.  – Josh Moody

Purpose: Call to Build (cultivate) (v/1-5) 

1/Work) – “those who build”

2/Community – the watchman stays awake in vain.”   Don’t just live for ourselves; concern for in others Advocate for those most vulnerable in a community – be about mercy, justice, compassion, defend

3-5/Family – “call to multiply”

It is saying, “Children do not inherit; parents inherit.” It is saying, “Children do not get rewarded; parents get rewarded.” It is saying, “Children do not make us weak, old, and exhausted; they make us ready for battle.” Together the puzzle pieces create a picture of children as your reward, your inheritance, and your arrows, because when you are older, having strong, godly children around you will protect you. – Josh Moody

Position (Motivation) – From Acceptance or For Acceptance (v/1, 2)

1.  live out of a posture of independence-  about you: earning/attaining/your power (anxious toil, vain

2.  live out of a posture of dependence – about God: acceptance (beloved); rest (sleep)

The call for the Christian is to work FROM a Position of acceptance versus working in PURSUIT of acceptance. The first leads to rest, the latter to restlessness.

Practices – helpful practices to live / work out of a position/posture of rest

Sleep – he gives his beloved sleep (2)

Sabbath (stopping weekly)- Day to stop/enjoy —  The Lord is building. The Lord is protecting

Solitude (stopping daily)  – “be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46).  Mary “sat”; Martha “distracted, worried, upset about many things